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The University of Evora was the second university to be founded in Portugal. After the founding of the University of Coimbra in 1537, Portugal felt the need for another university to serve the south.
Evora, ecclesiastical metropolis and temporary residence of the Court, appeared once as the city most suitable. Although the original idea of creating the second university in the kingdom have belonged to D. John III, came from the Cardinal Henry achieving them. Interested in issues of education, began by founding the College of the Holy Spirit, trusting it to the then recently founded the Society of Jesus. While the building works were taking place and has asked Cardinal of Rome the transformation of University College in full. With the approval of Pope Paul IV, expressed in the bull Cum nobis April 1559, created the new University, with the right to teach all subjects, except medicine, law and civil litigation part of Canon Law.
The solemn inauguration took place on November 1 that year. Even today, this day marks the anniversary of the University, with the solemn opening ceremony of the academic year.
The main subjects were taught philosophy, ethics, scripture, Speculative Theology, rhetoric, grammar and Humanities, the University is fully inserting the traditional framework of the Counter-Reformation European Catholic institutions of higher education, most of which are in fact controlled by the Jesuits .

Some useful contacts:

University of Évora

Address: Largo dos Colegiais 2, 7004-516 Évora
Phone: +351 266 740 800
FAX: +351 266 740 806

Mobility and International Relation Section

Address: Rua Duques de Cadaval 
Edifício da St. Agostinho 
Apartado 94

Academic Services

Director: Margarida Maria Santos Murteira de Sousa Cabral
Address:Edifício Santo Agostinho, na Rua Duques de Cadaval, 7002-554 Évora
Phone: +351 266 760 220
FAX: +351 266 760 223
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