New at university ? See some tips to be sucessful!!

So i decided to do this publication for those who will enter university this year. It's the beginning of a new life to those who have suffered (or not) to enter. So ill give five tips to be successful at university.
Be Proactive: Do not expect teachers to provide things for you, go back, insist, be persistent, show your interest.

Make different: Take courses from other courses, learn different things, be different. Make theater, dance, financial mathematics, history of ur country. Diversify your curriculum vitae and your view of things. Try to differentiate yourself from the majority, all of your course will have the same degree, but natural selection is constantly applied, and Darwin's Law applies to the labor market as well.

Make network, make contacts, exchange business cards, has an interesting network of friends. The networking is a great way to get good opportunities in the future. Some gossips say, "You need not be good enough to have good contacts." Enjoy the moment, cultivate potential professional partners.

Study: this seems to be a useless tip but it is not. Four or five years seems too much, it is not. Don't be just satisfied with the lessons given, everyone learned that now stands out from the herd , learn something new.

Academic life: join the academic center, be a representative of the room, of course,junior company. It makes you learn to deal with issues and circumstances that adds a lot of experience. Attend meetings, organize events, all this contributes much to yours know-how.

Academic Regards,
Bruno Silva
8 Responses
  1. Interesting, if I ever make it to university...

  2. Manu Says:

    nice tips... I think u can talk about nightlife too. braga has a vibrant social scene with bars, clubs ... that offer something to suit all tastes and budgets.
    hummmgood times!!

  3. Pedd Says:

    I'm going this year! Thank for the tips.

  4. Rifle Says:

    Good tips for new students. They should stop thinking that someone will force them to learn:D

  5. These are very important tips. Networking in particular is very useful. Some people finish university and find themselves with a degree and nobody wanting to hire them. Having contacts is half the battle.

  6. FinBis Says:

    I remember when I got into Uni, had no pointers to follow so I know how confusing it can be! These are quite helpful!

  7. i kind of envy school systems these days, back ony my days i had the fat eof landing on badly planned study programs and ended up repeating same things seen in junior high, on high school all the repetition got to me and i just quit to open up my business , i kind of want to get back just to say i finished.. XD gonna read all of these