50 Followers Reached

This post is just to show up that im very happy. Im seeing that my blog is being visited and appreciated by the visitors :D Im glad that happen.
My efforts to keep my blog up and updated are bringing good results.
Thank you very much for the support and for the comments. It gives me the motivation that is necessary to keep updating my university blog and to bring u clear and good information about universities around the world.
First Goal Check: 50 Followers, new congratz post when i have 100 followers :)
8 Responses

  1. cipirinha Says:

    congratulations and keep up the good work

  2. bodymind Says:

    I'm your 52nd follower! Congrads and keep up the nice work mate.

  3. Byakuya Says:

    Congratulations on 50 followers, looks like you put some effort in!

    Nice blog, loving the articles so far.

  4. Irena Says:

    congrats :D 50 more :)

  5. Congratulations, you have a good blog, keep it going.

  6. Rifle Says:

    Happy to hear that. Good luck:)

  7. Manu Says:

    congratulation!!! 100 followers soon as possible