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The Foundation aims to study, develop and support any initiative that falls within the purposes of the University of Lisbon, particularly in aspects of research development, education and community services. Preparation and development of its objectives the Foundation may enter into contracts or promote any kind of participation with any institution or public or private, domestic and foreign, waking up and ensuring the payment of both parties, and may parallel or separately, provide awards, scholarships or to support and promote debates, conferences, studies and publications, or any action that theBoard deems most appropriate.

Prof. António Sampaio of Nóvoa

Members of the Board of Directors
Prof. Dr. José Manuel Henriques Simões
Prof. Dr. Paulo Jorge Alberto Simões Farmhouse

Dr. Sandra Pina


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Historical Note
The Portuguese university has very ancient origins who join in the request addressed to Pope Nicholas IV, dated 1288, the creation of a general study, in Lisbon. The headquarters of the University until 1537 and changed in this time interval was in Lisbon or Coimbra, until, in 1537, was transferred permanently to the latter city, where he remained a unique institution in the country. It was only in the century. Century that, in the capital, were reappearing higher studies: theMedical-Surgical School of Lisbon (1836), the School of Pharmacy (1836), the Polytechnic School (1837) and the Degree of Letters (1859).

These were four schools that the Constitution University April 19, 1911 sent to gather together at the University of Lisbon (created by decree of March 22, 1911), changing their names to the ones we all know them today. Later, there were changes in these colleges and annexations of more research and education institutions. This is the case of the Bacteriological Institute Câmara Pestana, the Geophysical Institute Infante D. Luiz, the Institute of Career Guidance, the National Museum of Natural History (encompassing the BocageMuseum, Museum and Botanical Gardens and Geological and MineralogicalMuseum) and the Museum of Science.

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