University of New England

As some users requested a did a research of New England University.
And now i can tell some interesting things about this university.

A reputation for excellence

The University of New England was the first Australian university established outside a capital city. With a history extending back to the 1920s, UNE has a well-earned reputation as one of Australia's great teaching, training and research universities. Its graduates consistently rate their experience at UNE highly, a reflection of the University's commitment to student support. More than 75,000 people now hold UNE qualifications, with many in senior positions in Australia and overseas. UNE has built up its academic profile to the point where it now has more than 500 PhD candidates, an important sign of the University's academic vigour and rigour.

Research excellence

UNE is internationally recognised as one of the great teaching and research universities. The university undertakes fundamental and applied research in many disciplines. Its scholars and scientists have established international reputations through their contributions in areas such as rural science, agricultural economics, educational administration, linguistics and archaeology. Collaborative research with other institutions includes projects with the CSIRO and the high profile Cooperative Research Centres. Through its research UNE assists in the economic, social and cultural advancement of Australia and in the advanced training of undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Learning on campus

The majority of first-year, on-campus students choose to live in on campus residences, within easy walking distance of lectures and tutorials. In addition to providing food and lodgings, the colleges offer organised social activities as well as academic and pastoral support networks. The University prides itself that students from more than 50 nations study on-campus, providing a cosmopolitan atmosphere. The campus is well equipped with its own child-care, medical facilities, a post office, credit union, shops and restaurant, as well as the full range of sporting facilities. A regular bus service links the campus to town.

I hope that information helped you, if you need more information pm me.
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